Parent Testimonial - Olga Stieghorst

Very happy with the online tuition, my daughter has been doing it throughout lockdown and it is great!

Parent Testimonial - Emma Francis

My daughter has improved significantly since taking up guitar lessons with Alan. He is a natural teacher explaining in a way she easily understands and has put the fun and enthusiasm back into learning the guitar. Alan's lessons are enjoyable and engaging. She looks forward to his weekly online sessions.

Student and Parent Testimonial - Matt and Denise Toscani

Alan is great at teaching me guitar whilst learning to play cool tunes. He makes guitar fun.  Since Matt has been getting lessons with Alan it has made a real difference to his enthusiasm to learn. The online lessons are so convenient and it is just like he is in the room.

Parent Testimonial - Martha Caddell 

Alan is fantastic! My son loves learning guitar with him. Lessons framed around music he’s interested in, including bespoke arrangements beautifully put together by Alan. He helps build technique while keeping learning relaxed and enjoyable. Highly recommended!

Student Testimonial - Stewart Cobb 

Prior to my first lesson, I was ready to run a mile if Alan suggested we start with Mull of Kintyre. Refreshingly Alan asked what I was interested in and then transcribed Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb for me to learn. Ambitious start? Absolutely, but an engaging, personal and enjoyable approach to learning a great instrument. Highly recommended!

Student Testimonial - Douglas Shaw 

Alan designs the lessons around the pieces you want to learn and prepares the music in tab form. I have learnt a lot about guitar technique and musicality this way. Each lesson is usually half an hour.   Alan has a large collection of ready made pieces but is very willing to research and make up the tabs for new pieces.

Student Testimonial - Carol Bell 

I have enjoyed my guitar lessons with Alan. This is my first time learning to play the guitar, and by breaking the hour lesson down in to sections it has simplified the learning process. I would highly recommend his teaching practices.

Parent Testimonial - Sarah Waddell 

My 9 year old son Thomas is thoroughly enjoying his guitar lessons. Alan is very friendly and patient and makes the lesson really fun. Thomas loves that he gets to pick the music that they play and he looks forward to every session. I would definitely recommend Alan if you’re looking for lessons.

Parent Testimonial - Darren Doig 

Brilliant. Currently teaching my 13 year old son. Lessons are built around your own choice in music so really helps students progress. Highly recommended.

Parent/Student Testimonial - Samantha Kay 

I totally recommend Alan as an instructor, he is teaching me (44) and my son (7) and he is brilliant. So patient and a right nice guy!!!

Student Testimonial - Chris Atherton 

After finding Alan’s beautiful arrangement of Andante Andante on YouTube I knew it was perfect for my cousin’s wedding.  Alan so generously wrote out the structure of the music for me and after much listening and practice it sounded perfect and she loved it. I never expected to find an arrangement so good and to get the help you gave me. Thank you so much!

Parent Testimonial - Graeme Waugh 

Teaching 6-year-olds is never easy, but Alan makes it really fun for my daughter and she is progressing happily. Highly recommended.

Parent Testimonial - Steven Stewart 

Alan has done a great job teaching my boy aged 11. Within a matter of weeks Daniel has become very comfortable with his guitar and has massively grown in confidence. I would highly recommend. Thanks again Alan 

Student Testimonial - Jim Eley 

Alan was a great teacher taking me from a complete beginner and teaching me the basics and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. Hope to get back and learn more in the future. Thank you Alan, I hope to continue my tuition with you in the future.

Parent Testimonial - Hayley Phipps Tennant 

My boy aged 9 has started lessons with Alan. from the outset, Alan was professional, organised & responsive with arranging sessions. He is a fabulous teacher, extremely patient & has a relaxed, organic style to suit my boys learning pace. Alan's set up in Penicuick is stunning. His rates are great too. I thoroughly recommend Alan to anyone thinking about starting with a tutor!

Parent Testimonial - Ruth Brain 

My son is really enjoying his guitar lessons with Alan. Alan allows him to learn through playing tracks which he's interested in which really motivates him. He says the 1 hour lesson flies by and "Alan's really good at explaining everything and really approachable". If our son decides he wants to do any formal exams then it's great that he can do that with Alan too.

Student Testimonial - Carolyn Summerfield 

Alan is a very patient teacher who allows you to learn guitar through music that you want to play. My lessons were always fun and Alan's technique made learning straightforward and enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Student Testimonial - Hanna Gilbertson 

Alan has been a fantastic guitar teacher, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. He takes great interest in what I would like to learn, and moulds lessons around this. He creates arrangements for the songs I am interested in for us to focus on, and provides exercises to develop other techniques. Thanks Alan!

Student Testimonial - Christine Judd 

Would highly recommend Alan to guitar learners of all ages and abilities! I have been playing guitar since I can remember and have had a few different teachers over the years but by far prefer Alan’s teaching method and style. Lovely open teaching summer house perfect for lessons. Thank you Alan!!

Student Testimonial - Anushka, aged 11 

I think Alan is a great guitar teacher because he listens to me and is patient. He gives me a choice of what song to work on which makes it more appealing for me. Alan is a really good guitar player which motivates me and helps me hear an expert's performance. I really enjoy going to my lessons and guitar is so much fun.

Parent Testimonial  - Mrs Naik 

Alan has a friendly and approachable style and very obviously enjoys what he does. My child was an absolute beginner when she started playing guitar with Alan. He took away all the fear around starting something new and gave advice on choosing a guitar and how to get started.

The lessons are enjoyable and engaging and my daughter is always keen to attend. Alan's relaxed style helps to encourage and motivate. My daughter has made great progress within a short space of time and her confidence increases lesson to lesson. I thoroughly recommend Alan as a guitar teacher for children and hope your child enjoys their experience as much as my daughter!

Parent Testimonial - Mr O'Neill, West Lothian 

Alan is passionate about his music and is doing an excellent job tutoring Baillie. We always feel very welcome taking Baillie to his lesson and Baillie always comes away feeling great about the progress he is making.